Paint with Robert Venosa

Dear visionary friends! 

The Robert Venosa video workshop
"Painting the Fantastic" is here. 

This is all previously unreleased, exclusive material, shot in his Boulder studio over a decade ago.

Divided in 6 compact chapters, you will be able to learn in very detailed fashion how to paint your own little masterpiece. 

Experience and learn in real time, how Robert Venosa approached and executed his craft. 

After this video workshop, you will be ready to easily apply his technique into your workflow. 

Also watch out for his promotional advice on
how to get exposure on your art! 

Happy painting, 

Christan Venosa 

Enter the Realms

Enjoy a sneak peek into the first Chapter from "Painting the Fantastic" by Robert Venosa.

This video series will show you how to create a painting from the set up all the way up to marketing.

Make sure to follow up with the 6 Chapters of the instructional video below.


Easy access to Robert Venosa's "Painting the Fantastic". Simply click on the individual chapter thumbnail or on the all accesss button below to purchase the video stream via Stripe or PayPal after registry.

As a special launch occasion I offer a 30% discount on the All Access Bundle. Use code VENOSAFANTASTIC at the check out after registry.

Contact me if you have any questions.